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Individual Life

Individual Life Insurance is a smart decision for anyone at every stage of life.  Find the life insurance plan to meet your needs and future goals.  Talk to an agent today about how life insurance can help you:

  • Provide living benefits when you need it
  • Provide home protection for homeowners
  • Provide an estate plan and building your legacy for future generations
  • Plan for your retirement and provide a risk reduction asset
  • Protect your business  through key-man insurance


Term Life

Term life insurance policies provide affordable, temporary coverage.  Term policies contain no cash value and are designed for death benefit protection only.  The premiums may be level for the first 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, depending on the policy selected.  Because the death benefit protection is for a limited period, the premium is often the lowest of all types of life insurance policies.  However, after the level term period, premiums may go up significantly and increase annually. 

Whole Life

Whole life is the traditional form of permanent life insurance.  It provides the assurance of level premiums, a guaranteed interest rate and a guaranteed death benefit.  Whole Life provides the extra security of guaranteed protection at affordable rates, yet it includes the element of cash value accumulation.

Universal Life

Universal life is a flexible premium, adjustable life insurance product that provides the flexibility for choosing various features and adjusting those features as financial priorities and needs change.  The policy can have cash value that grows on a tax-deferred basis.  

Indexed Universal Life

Indexed universal life is a type of universal life that combines death benefit protection with the opportunity to grow cash value through an interest-bearing account.  The account credits interest based upon the upward movement of stock market indexes – without the risk of investing directly in the market.  The Indexed Account features a zero percent floor which guarantees your account won't earn less than zero percent due to poor market performance.  You may have options to choose or change the type of index to allow your cash value accumulation to grow according to the type of risks you are willing to choose.

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is the most popular optional employee benefit offered and is an affordable way of providing a valuable benefit in the workplace.   Employers determine the type of group life plan that fits the needs of both the company and the employees.

Employers can choose to offer living benefits, including:

  • Portable coverage that allows employees to continue coverage when they change jobs or retire
  • Accelerated benefit to employees upon diagnosis of a terminal illness
  • Waiver of premium if an employee becomes totally disabled

Advantages to Employers

  • Used as a recruiting tool to appeal to new hires and retain valued employees.
  • Increases employee morale and loyalty to the company.
  • Versatility of plan design.

Advantages to Employees

  • Provides piece of mind for loved ones in the event of premature death.
  • Benefit usually paid by employer.
  • Available without medical examinations or information.  
  • Guaranteed Issue options based on the size of the company.  
  • Conveniently offered at the workplace.

Talk to one of our agents about the group life insurance plan that best fits the needs of your company and your employees.


Group Term Life

Group Term Life Insurance is offered to employees while working for the company.  Rates increases usually every 5 years.  Coverage is in force until employee resigns or retires.  When employee retires or resigns, they may have the option to convert the policy to an individual policy.

Additional Optional Coverages:  Long-Term Disability and more....

Group Universal Life

Group Universal Life Insurance is offered to employees as an employer-sponsored permanent life insurance with level premiums.  Coverage is in force as long as premium payments are received.  Policy may be portable when employee resigns or retires from the company with no increase in premium.

Business Insurance

Business Life Insurance is a smart decision for every business at every stage of growth.  Find the life insurance plan to meet your needs and future goals.  Talk to an agent today about how life insurance can help you:

  • Protect your business through buy-sell agreement
  • Ensure that your business protected when there is a loss of your key-employee 
  • Plan for a supplemental retirement and provide a risk reduction asset


Buy-Sell Agreement

Key-Employee Insurance

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